Monday, February 13, 2017

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns

The Hill reports:
Flynn's future at the White House had been the topic of discussion all day, after reports that he had talked about sanctions against Russia with the country's ambassador before Trump was sworn in.

Those reports contradict his earlier comments that he never discussed the topic with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during a series of phone calls the month before Trump took office.

Vice President Pence stood up for Flynn in January and told CBS that Flynn never spoke about sanctions during his calls to Russia.
The New York Times reported Monday night that Pence was angry that he defended Flynn and embarrassed by the information Flynn withheld from him.

Trump was silent for most of Monday on the embattled Flynn, but press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters he was conferring with the vice president.

Here's the resignation letter

Fools bring back Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act

Lord, Tennessee!!!

Silly Repubs have reintroduce two bills about marriage.

Under the Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act, Sen. Mae Beavers and Rep. Mark Pody hope to make marriage between one man, and one woman in my home state.

Now, it's truly ridiculous, but they really think they can beat the system.

These fools think the Supreme Court's ruling is trash. They believe same sex marriage is unlawful and all unlawful orders “remain unlawful and should be resisted.”

So stupid.

They will speak more about the bills in a press conference this week. So far, time and date for the Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act has not been set.


"You have ZERO evidence" Stephen Miller's voter fraud claims get SHUT DOWN by Stephanopoulos

Interesting Quote: Chadwick Moore

White tears alert
I’ve already told my family, and it’s brought me closer to my father. He’s a Republican and a farmer in Iowa, and for years we just didn’t have very much to talk about. But after Trump’s inauguration, we chatted for two hours, bonding over the ridiculousness of lefties. But we also got serious: He told me that he is proud of my writing, and I opened up about my personal life in a way I never had before to him.

I’ve made some new friends and also lost some who refuse to speak to me. I’ve come around on Republican pundit Ann Coulter, who I now think is smart and funny and not a totally hateful, self-righteous bigot. A year ago, this would have been unfathomable to me.

I even went on a date this past week with a good-looking Republican construction worker, someone I previously would not have given a shot. I hope to find out that it pays to keep an open mind. And I hope that New Yorkers can be as open-minded and accepting of my new status as a conservative man as they’ve been about my sexual orientation.